Monday, 31 December 2012

Ontology Web Language(OWL)

OWL is derived from DAML+OIL which is a language for expressing classifications and properties of resources. OWL adds more vocabulary for describing properties and classes. OWL is used to represent the meaning of terms in vocabularies and the relationships between those terms. OWL is divided onto three sub-language which is:

  • OWL Lite
  • OWL DL
  • OWL Full
OWL Lite supports those users primarily needing a classification hierarchy and simple constraints.
OWL DL supports those users who want the maximum expressiveness while retaining computational
OWL Full meant for users who want maximum expressiveness and the syntactic freedom of RDF with no computational guarantees.

What is RDF?

Resource Description Framework(RDF) is written in XML form act as a framework for describing resources on the web. RDFis used as a general method for conceptual description or modeling of information that is implemented in web resource. RDF Use Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) to locate its resources.

Best Web Browser

What is a web browser? A browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web(WWW). The best web browser may be different for each people. For me, the best web browser is Google Chrome. Google chrome consume less memory and CPU usage. This is very important to me because I am a gamer. It is my habit to open a web browser and click Facebook bookmarks before doing something with the computer. Excessive usage of memory and CPU by the web browser can cause deadly lag in my games. I only use google chrome for browsing, but for running, testing and debugging my web program, I prefer to use IE or Mozilla Firefox. IE provide more add-on support than the other web browser. For Mozilla Firefox, I like to call it Godzilla Firefox :D. Godzilla firefox provide the 'Web Developer' mode which is very useful for me to debug my program project. In brief, 'Best Web Browser' for everyone is different depending on the user usage of the browser.

About UDDI

This entry is all about Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI). The existence of UDDI enables the web services to register itself in the internet and make it searchable and available. Since UDDI is a XML based registry, the directory of the web services interfaces is stored and described in WSDL. There are three parts of UDDI which is Service Registry, Service Requester and Service Provider. Service registry enable the web services to be located and published. The service requester find the appropriate services. The Service Provider is the services that contain the required operation.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Eleventh Week]

Less than a month before the lecture week end. The progress of our project is doing well. We need to improve certain part from our project due to our lecturer recommendation. Meeting with my teammates Ammar and Hasbullah on the weekend to improve the system. I still wondering how to publish our project once all the process done. It is quite challenging because I never make any web hosting before.

ITT544 - Web Technology [Tenth Week]

This update is for tenth week. It's a delayed update. On the10th week, I and my teammates have started to develop our project. The lecture and lab session going well as usual. Our project going well as we manage to cooperate effectively. We were scheduled to show our progress in the next week.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Ninth Week]

On the ninth week, our class lecture is all about the Semantic web. It is closely related to XML. Actually, on this semester there is a specific course for XML, which is CSC570 - XML Programming. Sometimes, I wonder why we must learn the same thing on different course. On the class session, we discuss about the XML Scheme, RDF, and RDF Scheme. The lab session was cancelled a few minutes before the class should start. We were asked to continue developing our project for this semester.

Friday, 2 November 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Eighth Week]

It's Mid Term Break! 
A holiday full with assignments and homework. I ended my holiday on 31st October and going back to Shah alam to finish all the work. Thanks to Aisyah, Haziq and Ammar for being hardworking doing the work with me in the PTAR 1.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Seventh Week]

On the seventh week, there is only a lecture class and no lab. We were having mid semester break plus Hari Raya Haji. On monday 22nd October 2012, we were sit for our first test. That's all for the seventh week :D

ITT544 - Web Technology [Sixth Week]

Sixth week already. Still working on AJAX and JQuery. On the given example about ajax, we were using frames to display the output. I cant see the difference yet because both will produce same output on the browser. Both will display the same thing on the targeting frame. Luckily, after personally meet our lecturer for re-demo the assignment, I can see the difference how the predefined function call the CONTENT of the file. To understand more about ajax, I've tried to look for other example of ajax and I found one. The example is using Combo Box. This time I can see the difference in the output. But the example is not similar to the first one since it is using java/Netbeans. No big deal, at least I can understand the ajax concept.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Fifth Week]

On week five, we were emphasized about JQuery. JQuery is a type of JavaScript implemented on the Client Side. One of the advantages of JQuery is support AJAX which allows the page to accomplish several functions in a stylish manner without leaving or reloading the page . JQuery and AJAX can make the page alive as the data is being updated asynchronously. The page will become more interactive when JQuery and AJAX is implemented.
Other than supporting AJAX function, JQuery also support:
  • CSS Function, 
  • DOM manipulation and transversal, 
  • JavaScript animation,
  • Event detection and handling (Event-Driven). 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Fourth Week]

Assalamualaikum, like the other week, I'll update this blog. Still can't believe it is the fourth week. This week there is something special which is the task. This is the first time I  was writing something about Computer Science in Bahasa Melayu. There are few CS term that sounds awkward when it is translated to BM. The meaning is quite different. But there is no problem about that, as long as we can understand it. I realize that the weird task has kind of hidden/implicit intention. We cant copy & paste or anything, we only need to search, read, and try to understand then we can rewrite it in BM. There few challenge in completing the task. Nothing much, just remember to backup up any work frequently or do it again. The task is about AJAX, SAX, XSL and XSLT with the detail for each of it.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Third Week]

On the lecture class, we learn about the difference between web page and web site. Web site is a combination(linked) of web pages while web pages is the single page itself. There are 3 type of web site which is static, dynamic and active. Through the chapter, there were also touch about Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) which is divided to URN and URL. This elements helps to link the pages in the web site.
On the lab, we were asked to present project flowcharts, Context Diagram, Diagram 0, and the DFD. The presentation went smooth although I and my teammate done the preparation on last minute. There were few mistakes on the diagram and we has correct them by using our lecturer comments as a guide.

About Netcentric

What is Netcentric?
If I’m not mistaken, the first time I heard about Netcentric Computing is on a seminar organized by FSKM while I was in my diploma final semester.  The organizer has invited a couple of successful graduated CS student (Alumni) in the seminar.  They talked about the Netcentric career opportunity, advantages and etc. After being influenced by them, I have decided to put “CS231 – Bachelor Of Science (HONOURS) Netcentric Computing “as one of the programme list in my application to degree.  

As far as I know, Netcentric is formed with a combination of few elements in computer science field. According to the study plan, CS231 is more on Networking on the web.  The student exposed to the web element through the course such as Data Communications, Web Technology, Web Architecture, and Web Engineering through all the semester. Other CS elements such as AI also included in the study plan, but CS231 will only learn the fundamentals. Amongst the career path envision for CS231 students are Computer Network, Web-based Application and Distributed Systems Developer, Web Master, Network Administrator, Network Architect, Network Engineer, Telecommunication Specialist and Support. There are also a wide number of opportunities for further study at the postgraduate levels.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Second Week]

Assalamualaikum, Today 19 Sept 2012, we scheduled to present the project abstract. Like the other presentations before, I expect that I and my teammate will go in front and spontaneously explain our abstract. I hope our presentation goes smoothly today. Like always, I know nothing much until the class end. Just cheer up :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [First Week]

This is my first time making my own blog. It is not complete yet since I do not have any experience in handling a blog and slow internet connection. :(

The first week of the semester has passed. Nothing much from it. In the lecture class, our lecture just give a simple brief of the course. There are some topic that might interest me and there is also some topic that I think it is hard.
I and my other two classmates which is Ammar and Has has formed a group to carry out the project for this course through the semester. I wish we can cooperate nicely and successfully complete the project.