Tuesday, 23 October 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Seventh Week]

On the seventh week, there is only a lecture class and no lab. We were having mid semester break plus Hari Raya Haji. On monday 22nd October 2012, we were sit for our first test. That's all for the seventh week :D

ITT544 - Web Technology [Sixth Week]

Sixth week already. Still working on AJAX and JQuery. On the given example about ajax, we were using frames to display the output. I cant see the difference yet because both will produce same output on the browser. Both will display the same thing on the targeting frame. Luckily, after personally meet our lecturer for re-demo the assignment, I can see the difference how the predefined function call the CONTENT of the file. To understand more about ajax, I've tried to look for other example of ajax and I found one. The example is using Combo Box. This time I can see the difference in the output. But the example is not similar to the first one since it is using java/Netbeans. No big deal, at least I can understand the ajax concept.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Fifth Week]

On week five, we were emphasized about JQuery. JQuery is a type of JavaScript implemented on the Client Side. One of the advantages of JQuery is support AJAX which allows the page to accomplish several functions in a stylish manner without leaving or reloading the page . JQuery and AJAX can make the page alive as the data is being updated asynchronously. The page will become more interactive when JQuery and AJAX is implemented.
Other than supporting AJAX function, JQuery also support:
  • CSS Function, 
  • DOM manipulation and transversal, 
  • JavaScript animation,
  • Event detection and handling (Event-Driven). 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

ITT544 - Web Technology [Fourth Week]

Assalamualaikum, like the other week, I'll update this blog. Still can't believe it is the fourth week. This week there is something special which is the task. This is the first time I  was writing something about Computer Science in Bahasa Melayu. There are few CS term that sounds awkward when it is translated to BM. The meaning is quite different. But there is no problem about that, as long as we can understand it. I realize that the weird task has kind of hidden/implicit intention. We cant copy & paste or anything, we only need to search, read, and try to understand then we can rewrite it in BM. There few challenge in completing the task. Nothing much, just remember to backup up any work frequently or do it again. The task is about AJAX, SAX, XSL and XSLT with the detail for each of it.